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Arvo Zylo + Kommissar Hjuler + Mama Baer - 'UND'

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Pre-order!!! Release date: 2018-05-01. Arvo Zylo + Kommissar Hjuler + Mama Baer 'UND' 3×cassette + Fluxus (anti-)art Object (#33) (Obskyr Records - OB026. 2018) Edition of 33. Special Fluxus (anti)-art object with collages and mixed-media elements with  glue, nails, and a coat-hanger so that the owner can hang it on the wall or similar. All copies are similar but unique. Cassettes are rubber stamped by hand on the A-side / C-side /E-side (U/N/D). Revers side is left empty with no labels. This is a reissue of 'UND/CCXX' but this reissue includes additional bonus tracks, reworkings/remixes of the original tracks. Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/Arvo-Zylo-Kommissar-Hjuler-Mama-Baer-UND/release/11529890?ev=item-vc