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Bookwar - 'Bookwar' LP

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Bookwar – music, lyrics, voice, synths, photos Guitar on A8 - Dmitriy Chernikov Mixing of tracks А2 - А9, Б1, Б2 by Dmitriy Chernikov Mixing of tracks А1, Б3 by Damir Askarov (Damirichi) Design – Nikolay Gromov Mastering - LightmuZik Mastering Service Recorded live in may-june 2014,using solely analog Soviet synthesizers Ritm-2, Altair-231, Polivoks and drum synths Rokton, Lel` UDS, reverberator Lel` RC, box with iron nails. This compilation consists of tracks from «Insects liberation front» album (Bookwar Records) and «Deconstruction» EP (Attenuation Circuit). Bookwar Records – book03 сделано в России. Произведено "Ультра Продакшн". Limited to 300 copies.