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K.T. Reeder & Mama Baer with The New Movement 'Car Crash Jazz'

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K.T. Reeder & Mama Baer with The New Movement 'Car Crash Jazz' Business-card CDr, thick 360gsm doublesided business card sized insert in a PVC sleeve. From release: "All songs to benefit K.T. Reeder recovery from a car crash in September 2017. All proceeds from this record go to K.T. Reeder, for him to recover and live a decent life! Edition of... as many as required." Obskyr Records - OB019 Gofundme for K.T. Reeder link: https://www.gofundme.com/526sfso Kris T. Reeder Needs Our Help: I am the independent label owner of Obskyr Records in Sweden, Kenny Johansson. I fellow artist, Kris T. Reeder have been very injured in a car accident in September 2017 and have not recovered from his injuries and will not do anytime soon, the doctors have said he needs är least 6 more months to recover. This will lead to a financial disaster for Kris! He is currently losing £1500 a months and cannot afford his rent, food, his whole subsistence! We need to help him in anyway we can! Obskyr Records will help to fund Kris by releasing a album next week, all payment from the sales will be donated to Kris! Info about Kris: Kris T Reeder is a British Free-Improvising Trombone Player. As a prolific collaborator, Kris T Reeder has worked with collectives including: the Murmurists, 1984ensemble (founder), Oxford Improvisers and The Cosmic Asunder. He has also worked with the front rank of European improvisers including: Lawrence Casserley, Martin Archer, Pat Thomas, Geoff Leigh, Walt Shaw, Stephen Grew, Martin Hackett, Claude Colpeart and many others. Kris T Reeder has performed at a host of venues including: Royal Albert Hall, London, Royal Festival Hall, London, Symphony Hall, Birmingham, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Wembley Stadium, London, Cafe OTO, London (w/ Murmurists) and Hundred Years Gallery, London (Solo improvisation and with Jamison Williams). Kris T Reeder is released on numerous international record labels and continues to work and collaborate with musicians from across the globe.  http://www.ktreeder.com/'