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Exclusive Package Deal - 8×LP, 3×7", 3×CDr

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Exclusive Package Deal!!! Includes: TNM Sinfonietta - 'Antisane' (C62 tape + anti LP + original artwork. Last copy!) The New Movement - 'Theory Of Nothing' (LP, standard edition) The New Movement & Bookwar - 'Antipati' (7" clear Lathe Cut, original artwork sleeve) The New Movement / Bookwar - 'War Lives, War Dead' (CDr, artist copy!) The New Blockaders & Kommissar Hjuler - 'Karawane 1# & 2#' (Picture Disc LP) The New Blockaders & Kommissar Hjuler - 'Karawane 3#' (Floppy Disc) The New Blockaders & Kommissar Hjuler /Amor Fati / C.Mehrl Bennett - 'an empty sunshine day' (7" Lathe Cut, dia-slide special edition, handmade cover by Kommissar Hjuler) Demons That Drove - 'Pigpusher - Ten Years Among Pigs - 10th Anniversary Edition' (2×12" Lathe Cut, 7" Lathe Cut, CDr in a handmade gatefold sleeve with artwork by Kenny Johansson) Step Further Away - 'A Distortion Of The Senses' (CDr) Hate Poem & Depletion / Audiorcist - 'The Final Recordings / Consumed' (LP) Hate Poem & Depletion / Audiorcist - 'The Final Recordings / Consumed' (LP, Ultra Limited Edition of 1/1 copy, handmade sleeve and artwork and signed by Kenny Johansson, https://www.discogs.com/Hate-Poem-Depletion-Audiorcist-The-Final-Recordings-Consumed/release/10229081?ev=item-vc) Philosophers Of Darkness & Skin Crime - 'PPPP-Playbirds' (15×tapes+handmade boxset) Hate Poem & Depletion / Audiorcist - 'Some Men Look Into The Girls Sticky Panties After Coitus To See Their Mark Of Territory' (LP from Carpenter Prod.USA, limited edition of 11×copies) + A free special gift in a edition 1/1, only available with this offer! A full retail price of 17.185 SEK, this offers give you a 50% discount with this Exclusive Offer on Obskyr Records. This is a offer just available in 1× quantity. Note: The shipping is not included. It needed to be sent as a parcel, and it is heavy, so the shipping is just a estimate, it will be calculated upon purchase or buyers request.