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GX Jupitter-Larsen & The New Movement / Mama Bär -

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GX Jupitter Larsen & The New Movement / Mama Bär 'Sandy & Silvia (malmlund jugendfrei)' LP Psych.KG (Psych.KG 423) Edition of 42,33333... Artwork by Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bär LP in series FLUXUS +/-, limited to 42,33333... copies, which means, that 43rd LP is cut in three pieces and one of these pieces is announced as the copy 42,33333... (a non-playable object). LP appears in clear vinyl with white labels. Cover art refers to LPs by Mama Baer on the label Malmlund Records (FIN).

There is also a deluxe edition with handmade covers by Kommissar Hjuler available.