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Hate Poem & Depletion / Audiorcist - 'The Final Recordings/Consumed' LP

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Hate Poem & Depletion / Audiorcist

'The Final Recordings / Consumed'

LP in black sleeve with pasted artwork on fron and back.

Limited Edition of 100 copies.


This is the last recording and performance by 
Hate Poem, which is now ceased along with the label Hate Poem Self-Released Split Series.

Note: That this recording from The Soundroom, Newcastle-upon-Tyne on the 30th of October 2016, was recorded on a small cassette recorder and has not been mixed, overdubbed but a small improvement of the sound is made by masterer Paul Coates.

Audiorcist is the swedish power electronics project by Krister Bergman, the brain behind projects like Positive Adjustments, Step Further Away, Demons That Drove, Pulse Detonations (w./ Hiroshi Hasegawa), The36th Movement and others.