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NERVOUS//CORPSE - 'The Cheerful Nihilist Sleeps All Night'

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NERVOUS//CORPSE 'The Cheerful Nihilist Sleeps All Night' Cassette C105 Silent Tapes - ST.8 2018 The Seattle "noiseheadz" wm.Rage (Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Nervous Corps, Happiness Forever) and Stan Reed (Broken Penis Orchestra, Blue Sabbath Blue Cheer, Dried Up Corpse) are back with a HNW project, this time they recorded in two different countries, USA and Mexico. This is treated field recording, a intrepretation of the locations silence. Edition of 30 handnumbered copies. Specially printed 2-panel j-cards. The j-cards are printed on recycled/vintage kraft-brown candy-bags. Clear shell with black hubs with handmade labels 'painted' with fairtrade coffee,white and clear jewelcase. Tapes and cases are new but made out of recycled plastic. This is a ECO-friendly release. From release: Recorded January 2018 San Juan, Cosala, Mexico Seattle, Washington, USA