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The New Blockaders + Kommissar Hjuler + The New Mo

4000 SEK / In stock.
Limited edition, hand-numbered, boxed set. There are 3 black boxes, 3 black & white boxes, and 3 textured and multi-colored boxes, all of which have a unique object affixed at front. The boxes feature artworks by Kenny Johansson who was a member of the now-defunct Hate Poem and Hate Poem Self-Released Split Series and currently a member of The New Movement and owner of Obskyr Records. Also includes is a bonus s/sided clear 7" in a handmade sleeve which features a 7-way collaboration by The New Blockaders, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Kommissar Hjuler, The New Movement, KH12 Quartet, Mama Bär and Obskyr. Also included is a mystery / uncredited 3" CDr each one of which is unique. Plus a 11"×11" double-sided printed insert and a 1" TNM button. Box objects details: Box#1: stone Box#2: 5" empty reel spool Box#3: broken knife Box#4: human wisdom tooth Box#5: anti-cassette and rusty metal object Box#6: 4"speakers, wires and broken antenna Box#7: red rubber dildo Box#8: answeringmachine + microcassette (sealed) Box#9: erotic film 'Extreme Musik' VHS (sealed) From release (insert): 'Special thanks to Richard Rupenus, Matt Horn, Mama Baer & Baby R.L.' All material (c) to the respective artists. (p) Obskyr Records 2018 - OB027' No credits appears on the VA 'Moondog' pic LP. Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/The-New-Blockaders-Kommissar-Hjuler-The-New-Movement-2-KH12-GX-Jupitter-Larsen-Object-Box/release/11949757