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Obskyr Records Fundraiser Campaign!!!

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Obskyr Records is small one-man operation independent record label based in Ljung, Sweden. Specializing in experimental and obscure audio releases and objets d'anti-art creation/destruction. Obskyr Records have released many LPs, 7"s, CDrs, CDs, cassette etc. over the last 3 years and the two first years was pretty good. We sold most our releases and the material costs was low, due to higher taxes, new restrictions from Swedish customs to shop abroaf and bad sales the last year have caused many delays and poor health to me, a lot of stress and mentally exhausted to try to rescue my 'baby' and my family. I now reach out to all of you to help me, my family, all artists signed to Obskyr Records andof course the label itself. We wish to continue to give the world more obscure audio documents and weirdness, but without your help... it is not possible... we cross our fingers and hope some of you can help Obskyr Records! All who donate and wish to will be mentioned on Obskyr Records Twitter account with an official thanks and also be mentioned on upcoming title liner notes! Thanks! Regards! Kenny @ Obskyr Records