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Rod Summers & Obskyr - '50% Sand / 31% Cut-Ups / 10% Nothing / 8% Hiss / 1% Noise'

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Edition of 25. D.I.Y. cut-up tape. White hubs, with red leader and magnetic recorded tape, and some splicetape, shell is not included. A small green ziplock bag with sand and volcanic ash mix from Iceland. A signed (by Rod Summers) numbered certificate of authencity card is included. All housed in a clear ziplock bag with sticker. From release: Dedicated to Tom Winter... Instructions: The grains of sand and ashes can beused as filling of a cassette shell. this could cause damage to the cassette deck and to the tape but  it will achieve the 1% noise necessary for it’s purpose.  (c) VEC Audio 1975, 1979, 1996, 2018 (c) Obskyr 2018 (p)Silent Tapes 2018 - ST.8