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Rupert & Bertrand Burgess meets Mixed Band Philant

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This is a pre-order, and will not be available yet, the preliminary(!) is the 6th of June, but this can be later. Please be patient. I have had a lot of problems lately with customers, that is very eager to get their order even though the title is not even released as yet. So please, once again, note: THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! THE TITLE WILL BE SENT OUT AS SOON AS IT RELEASED! Thanks!  Rupert & Bertrand Burgess meets Mixed Band Philanthropist - 'When Anti Meets Electronics It All Ends Up As Nothing' LP. Also includes a 12"×12" double-sided insert. Limited Edition of 100 copies on black vinyl. Artwork by Kenny Johansson. Liner notes by Bertrand Burgess. NB: there is also a special edition 50 copies with a bonus s/sided 7" (Mixed Band Philanthropist - 'Those Who Kissed Now Wept, Those Who Wept Now Sang' reissued from 'Born Out Of Dreams' - Frux 1985 and remastered on gold colored vinyl w. pantone printed labels, note both records pressed on gold colored vinyl. 7" comes in heavy duty PVC sleeve.