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The New Blockaders & Grinder-without-Organs 'Live

4200 SEK3800 SEK / In stock.
Edition of 10 (only 4x copies available to the public).
This is the special testpress edition with additional lathe-cut 7" and 2×DVDrs housed in a handmade gatefold sleeve.

  • Handmade gatefold sleeve.
  • Handmade innersleeves.
  • 2×LP TP.
  • Lathe-cut 7" with printed sleeve.
  • 2×DVDr + CDr in a handmade sleeves.
  • A3-size 'Memoir of An Anathema' poster.

Available exclusively via the Obskyr Records website.

Thanks to:
Fielding Hope, James Dunn, Billy Steiger.

From TNB notes:

Thanks to:
Kenny Johansson, Tony Eriksson.

From G-w-O notes:

Thanks to:
Tia Comfort, Richard Rupenus, Collin Turner, Sophie Robson, Stuart Handy.

Dedicated to Laurel & Hardy and Crass.'

NB: the Grinder-without-Organs 'Live at Cafe OTO' LP is a double-groove LP record.

Note: more scans and photos will be available soon.

AA (#1/1):
There is also the unique deluxe AA (Anti Artefact) edition 'Live at Cafe OTO' 2LP.
This AA will be sold on eBay. More info coming soon.
The boxset includes the original violin / doll assemblage, various debris from the TNB performance including destroyed violin parts, fork and poppy appell,
test-pressings, G-w-O anti-book and original artworks. Also includes 'Ein Glucklichner Unfall' CD and a bonus lathe-cut 7", 'Das Theatralische Panoptikum'.

  • TP set:
  • 2xblack LP TPs + CDr housed in a handmade gatefold sleeve + original artworks.
  • Lathe-cut 7":
  • Black 7" lathe cut record in a handmade sleeve.
  • TNB 'Live at Cafe OTO'  DVDr:
  • Printed DVDr in a handmade case.
  • G-w-O 'G-w-O: FILM' DVDr:
  • Printed DVDr in a handmade case.