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The New Movement 'Antihilation'

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The New Movement 'Antihilation' cassette Edition of 50. Professional duplicated lime green shell cassettes with no info, full-colour printed double sided 2-panel J-card. New copies are in shrinkwrap. From release: Live at Things That Go Bumb In The Night (At The Museum), Van Eyck Academy Maastricht, Netherlands, 2018. Special thanks to Rod (Vec Audio Exchange), Michael (Black Operations), Richard (The New Blockaders) and W.M. Lab.(Werner Mainz Lab). For The Haters... *Nihilism (/ˈnaɪ(h)ɪlɪzəm, ˈniː-/; from Latin nihil, meaning 'nothing')' There is also a ultra special edition of 1/1 copy existing, this includes cassette, original handmade artwork used for the J-card, hand-prepared case, handmade metal boxset and a bonus s/sided 7" Lathe Cut record titled 'Cul-de-Sac, Hit By A Wall'. This copy was exclusively on sale through the labels website in October 2018.