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The New Movement / Awkward Geisha 'Prophétes du Ch

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Edition of 50. Pro-duplicated white shell cassettes with printed matte black labels and a O-card sleeve. New copies comes in shrinkwrap. https://www.discogs.com/The-New-Movement-2-Awkward-Geisha-Proph%C3%A9tes-Du-Chaos/release/12815721 https://awkwardgeisha.bandcamp.com NB: There is also a deluxe edition version (anti-artefact) in a edition of only 1/1 (Obskyr Records OB032-AA / TNM Anti -Artefacts #29):  This version includes the cassette and a 7" lathe cut and a 3" CDr, all housed in a handmade and prepared binder. The 'boxset' also incl. a TNM T-shirt and signed  piece of partially destroyed sheet music by TNM. All comes in a black handpainted tote-bag.