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The New Movement - 'Ce ñ'est Pas Une Ampoule'

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The New Movement 'Ce ñ'estPas Une Ampoule' (#10) Boxset+Reel-loop+Microcassette. Nazlo Records - NzR088. Edition of 10. Handmade wooden boxsets. Reel-to-Reel loop enclosed in a light bulb with partially burnt destroyed sheet music, owner needs ro destroy the bulb in order to access the loop. Microcassette with destroyed handwritten labels in a jewelcase with handmade artwork. Also includes a 1" TNM badge. From release: 'Thanks to: Rodin Anton (Nazlo Records) Richard Rupenus (The New Blockaders) Jason Bigelow & Sam Underwood Dedicated to: Vortex Campaign, Thomas Edison & Rene Magritte' Catalog number does not appear on release, only from Nazlo Records website. https://www.discogs.com/release/11526755