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The New Movement - 'Les Anti Préludes'

150 SEK / In stock.
The New Movement 'Les Anti Préludes' Cassette Reel C20 + boxset. This is the artist edition of 15. Edition of 50*. Handmade recycled matchboxes with various treatment and collages. A C20 cassette reel (no shell), a micro-sized zine, 1×match and fragments of broken Lizst vinyl records. *Only 25× available for the public. 10× of remaining 25× copies is a artists edition and includes additional artwork and  fragments of the piano of which was destroyed during the recording. The other remaining copies was sent to friends and family by the artists, these copies includes a fragment from a destroyed canvas painting that was accidentally destroyed  during the piano destruction recording Subtitle: 'For Franz Lizst'. From label: 'Cassette reel housed in hand-decorated matchbox! came with mini zine with drawings and collages. yes - you can burn it after listening. limited edition of 50 copies. Only 25 for public sale.