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TNB + TNM - 'Man's Usefulness Ends Not In Death' L

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Out now: 2017-12-07 Edition of 100. The New Blockaders & The New Movement - 'Man's Usefullness Ends Not In Death' - reissue-reworked of the CDr with same title, thst was given away as gifts to attendents of TNB & TNM 'performance' in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in October 2016. LP with printed sleeve. T.I.C.X. - T.I.C.X.-2 Also available is a the Special Edition of 12, with handmade sleeve and a bonus 7" Lathe Cut with separate handmade sleeve. Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/The-New-Blockaders-The-New-Movement-Mans-Usefulness-Ends-Not-In-Death/master/1264952