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TNB/SR/G-w-O - 'Live At Cafe OTO (Holus-Bolus)

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The New Blockaders / Spoils & Relics / Grinder-without-Organs 'Live At Cafe OTO (Holus-Bolus)' Cassette s/sided C92. Edition of 25. Anti-Art Alliance, A-AA-07, Austria. C92 cassette, in a partially destroyed, burnt, scratched jewelcase and a (approx.) 5"x7" double-sided handmade insert. All stored in a ziplock bag with fragments of the broken violin from the TNB gig at  Cafe OTO, 11 November 2017. Also a double-sided handmade insert with collages of the alternativ ad from 'The Wire' and  a artwork 'logo' from label Anti-Art Alliance. https://www.discogs.com/The-New-Blockaders-Spoils-Relics-Grinder-without-Organs-Live-At-Cafe-OTO-Holus-Bolus/release/11259720?ev=item-vc