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TNM - Endless Spiral Of Shapes..- Objet D'anti-art

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Objet d'anti-art 1/1. Anti-Sound sculpture handmade by TNM. Green Shell cassette, comes in a black vinyl album case  with no artwork cover, only one handmade insert with instructions, credits, numbering. And a limited T-shirt (size XL) with print. From release: 'Instructions: Please connect microphone to amp or similar, then 'rub/scratch' the accompanied microphone on the VHS-spewing tape. Please record on accompanied cassette and send to: The New Movement c/o Ronnvagen 7 52442 Ljung Sweden Special thanks to A.Lindskog, R.Rupenus and GX Jupitter-Larsen Dedicated to Moondog and Jean Tinguely' https://www.discogs.com/The-New-Movement-Endless-Spiral-Of-Shapes-Forms-Always-Transcends-In-To-The-Corners-Of-The-Human-Sou/release/11106697