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Torpedo Girl + Love Gun - 'Hotter Than Hell'

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Torpedo Girl(R.Rupenus, P.D. Rupenus, K.Johansson, T.Eriksson) + Love Gun (C.Brant, D.Hjuler, M.Bär) 'Hotter Than Hell - Hotter Than Hell - A Tribute To KISS' LP (#42,5) Psych.KG (Psych.KG 425) LP in the series FLUXUS +/-, limited to 42,5 copies, what means that # 43 is a halved anti-LP as part of the numbering, anounced as no. 42,5/42,5. LP comes in clear vinyl with white labels. LP is a tribute to KISS by two cover bands, whereas the members of those cover bands come from the field of noise and industrial music, so the tracks do not sound by part like songs of the band KISS.

There is also a deluxe edition with handmade covers by Kommissar Hjuler available.